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Our top 5 Adventure Documentary Films

plus over 50 Adventure movies to feel inspired

We love being inspired by other humans whilst we dream up our next adventure in the outdoors. Sitting by the fire during these lockdown evenings, watching a good Adventure Documentary Film is one of our favourite things to do. While we are at home in lockdown, doing our part for a healthy society, we have collated our top five Adventure Films to share with you. Feeling inspired indoors is key to our own mental health and wellbeing.

See below our Top Five selection, including the link to our Adventures Movies Playlist on YouTube.

Make yourself comfy, relax and enjoy the adventures.


1: Up and Down - 3000 km on the te araroa trail.

In 2019, during his trip to New Zealand, Dylan, a photographer and director passionate about hiking and the great outdoors, embarks on a crazy adventure, making the Te Araroa Trail: A long distance hike of 3000 km through the country. One goal in mind, to make his first adventure documentary film. Beyond the beauty of New Zealand's landscapes, his journey has led him to meet inspiring people from all walks of life, sharing their personal experiences and their teachings.


2: One Breath Around The World

In their short film, French free diving champion Guillaume Néry and his free diving wife Julie Gautier, take viewers on an underwater odyssey across the globe. Shooting in locations including Mauritius, Mexico and Japan with many stops in between. Guillaume and Julie draw on their extensive experience to explore submerged ruins, swim beneath a thick sheet of ice and mingle with a pod of sleeping sperm whales. This movie captures mesmerizing images of parts of the planet, seen only by very few people.



People often ask us why we go Canyoning. Why do we do what we do? Why do we risk our lives, hanging on a thin rope over a cliff, hundreds of feet above the ground? What is the appeal? For over a year, with the help of some of his friends, Jake hiked his heavy camera gear into some remote places to give people a glimpse of why we love this sport so much.


4: The last honey hunter

In the vertiginous Nepalese mountains, bordering the valley of the Hongu river, lives the Kulung people. Isolated from everything, they have risked their lives for generations by tirelessly surveying the void of the cliffs to retrieve wild and poisonous honey. Dark and deep, the film plays with the mystery of a forest filled with spirits, dreams and smoke to share the story of the chief harvester. The photography in this film is truly breathtaking.



Chamje Khola traces the history of the opening of one of the largest canyons in the world. The Chamje canyon is located in the heart of the Nepalese Himalayas, between the Annapurna massifs (8091m), and the 8th highest mountain in the world, Manaslu (8163m).

Starting in 2004, the Himalayan Canyon Team, had opened around 30 canyons, however, it was not until 2011 that they felt ready to face the monster of Chamje Khola. Its exploration was a five-day journey, including a difficult high altitude snowy access, into a canyon seven kilometers in length with a combined total of 2300 meters in vertical drops.


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