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We believe Canyoning is the perfect outdoor activity to explore, improve and challenge yourself, while surrounded by the power of nature. In this blog article, we share our journey in Haast Pass and why canyoning in this place is one of the best in Aotearoa.

Camille from Canyoning Aotearoa abseiling a 40m waterfall
Camille abseiling the beautifull 40m waterfall in Imp Grotto

In the summer of 2020, we were currently waiting for the Department of Conservation to approve our concession and begin our journey as a brand new Canyoning company in the Nelson Lakes and Kahurangi National Parks. During this time we decided to take a road trip and do we love the most....wait for it....drum roll.... Canyoning!

We drove down the West Coast of the South Island, where the famous Blue Pools are found and also some of the most beautiful and playful canyons in the world, Haast Pass. We set up camp at the Makarora Campsite at the Wonderland Makarora Lodge, land of the kereru.

Kereru, wild pigeon in tree, Aotearoa
The Makarora Campsite is a Kereru Land

With relatively good weather, we were able to explore some classic canyons in the area:

Day 1 : Robinson Creek, V4.A3.II, Camille, Simon and Adrien

Day 2 : Imp Grotto V4.A3.II, Cross Creek V3 A2 II, Camille, Nicole, Mark and Adrien

Day 3 : Wilson Creek, V4.A4.IV, Camille, Renee, Patrick, Mark and Adrien

(If you are unsure what 'V4.A3.II' means, check out our blog article about the canyoning ratings and what the numbers represent).

As a canyoneer, Haast Pass is one of the most amazing areas for canyoning. The stunning lush bush with the Schist rock formations, carved by translucent and powerful water flows, gives you the sensation of living a perfect dream in paradise.

Adrien took his camera and tried to capture the beauty of this place. We'll let you be the judge of this ...

While back in the top of the South, Adrien began creating a video, when he felt there was something missing, something else that it needed. He asked his talented friend, Lana Taylor, to write a poem that captures in words what the footage was displaying.

As Aoteaora, New Zealand went into its second lockdown, Adrien spent this time editing all the footage and combining the recorded poem, along with finding the perfect music to match. Everything slowly pieced together. The final creation takes you on a journey of adventure, of tranquillity, showing the raw power of this outdoor activity that is canyoning. You can now watch this video in the link below.

There are plenty more canyons waiting for us in this area, so we'll be sure to be going back on another adventure. Maybe with you too? ;)


A single drop

by Lana Taylor

The storm clouds collect

And it all starts with a single drop

Multiplied by billions

The mountains wait

Their veins ready to catch

The translucent gift

That is water

Powerful enough to carve canyons

Lucid enough to flow playfully out to sea

No two streams are the same

This is the allure

This is our calling

We show up for the water

And the water shows us exactly what we came for

The challenge of pushing our minds and bodies

Into the world of the canyon

Where time and water meet to curate a masterpiece

Mark from Canyoning Aotearoa in Wilson Creek
Mark with style above the Julie Pool in Wilson Creek

We unite in the adventure of it

With our ropes and our camaraderie

We problem-solve our way down stream

And when the fear challenges us 

We dig deep to overcome it

Until the fear becomes euphoria

And the euphoria becomes contagious

Bounding and plunging and scaling the features

We play

Until our spirits are elevated

Our bodies are energized

And we remember why we came…

For the Adventure.

Are you ready?




Video filmed and edited by Adri Paris (@adri_cam_ventures) with Poem and Voice-over written by Lana Taylor (@wildforthewild)


If you felt inspired by this article and would like to experience or learn more about canyoning, you can join us on an adventure of your own and discover the beauty of the Nelson Lakes and the Kahurangi National Parks.

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