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Terms and conditions

1. Client participation conditions and obligations
To enjoy canyoning, good health is a prerequisite. It is the obligation of the participant to tell the operator or instructor of any health concerns. Under no circumstances can one participate when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We do reserve the right to refuse any person from taking part in our activity if we believe the person is intoxicated.

Our health and safety policy does not permit us to take any persons who:

  • Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Are pregnant, unless given permission by a doctor or health care professional.

  • Do not fit the equipment provided.

  • Have some medical or health condition(s) that may be affected by this activity or put others at risk.


2. Physical condition and experience
We teach all the skills that are needed on our canyoning trips so they are suitable for any person who has good physical condition and feels confident in water. It is not necessary to be a strong swimmer. Please talk to your instructor if you have any doubts. They will undertake all necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

3. High water levels
Canyoning trips are weather permitting. Following heavy rain, water levels of the canyon may rise. Therefore, a high water level may result in the cancellation, amendment or variation of your canyoning trip.

4. Minimum age
There is a minimum age required for each activity. It is, however, more important that children and adolescents are fit enough to enjoy the activity, confident in water and can fit our wetsuits and harnesses adequately. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding this.

Minimum ages for our Canyoning trips are as follows:

  • Half-Day Canyoning Tour must be 12 years or over.

  • Full-Day Canyoning Tour must be 14 years or over. 

Adolescents under the age of 16 need to be accompanied on the trip by a parent or guardian. Adolescents under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign our waiver form on behalf of the participant at check-in.

5. Client obligations
Participants are obligated to fulfil the participation conditions and to strictly follow the instructions of the operator, the instructors or other staff. Not adhering to the instructions or participation conditions of the activity, may lead to the participant being excluded from the activity by the operator. When exclusion from the activity occurs before or after the activity has begun, charges may incur according to reference number 11. Any refund given is at the discretion of the operator.

6. Cameras

For you to enjoy a complete experience and to be fully present in the moment, your instructors will take photos during your canyoning trip and email them to you free of charge. There is the potential of a safety hazard for us to allow personal cameras in the canyon. 

7. Insurance
Clients are not insured by us, as the operator. The client should have sufficient travel, injury, sickness and accident insurance coverage (including sporting accidents). All visitors and residents to New Zealand are covered by ACC for accidental injury, whilst in New Zealand. Please visit for details.

8. Minimum number of participants

With all activities, there is a minimum number of paying participants required. If the minimum number is not reached, the operator can cancel the activity and no charge will incur.

9. Bookings

Participants can book directly with Canyoning Aotearoa Ltd. Making a booking with us, acknowledges the general contract conditions as a component of the contract between yourself and us as the operator.

10. Payment

Upon booking with Canyoning Aotearoa Ltd, valid credit card details will need to be obtained in case of a no-show or last-minute cancellation. Please refer to reference number 11 for cancellation conditions.

11. Cancellation conditions
Full payment is to be made to Canyoning Aotearoa Ltd prior to the day or with the instructor, on the morning of the activity taking place.

  • Cancellation because of government decision due to Covid-19 Pandemic – NO charge is made.

  • Cancellation by you OUTSIDE 24 hours of the trip departure time – NO charge is made.

  • Cancellation by you WITHIN 24 hours of the trip departure time – HALF amount is charged.

  • Cancellation by you WITHIN 12 hours of the trip departure time – FULL amount is charged.

  • Cancellation by you on the day of the scheduled activity/no shows – FULL amount is charged.

  • In the case of illness advised on the day of the scheduled activity, a doctors’ note is required for NO charge to be made.


12. Cancellation by the operator
The operator can cancel the activity due to weather conditions, safety or other factors, which may make the activity difficult, dangerous or not possible. If weather conditions do not allow the trip to be carried out, the participant has the right to change the trip to a later date or, if already paid, a full refund will be given.

13. Discontinuation of the activity by the customer
If the participant discontinues or leaves the activity before it is over, any refund and all other costs additionally incurred are at the discretion of the operator.

Disclosure: It is important to note that Adventure-Based Activities involve a serious risk for harm or potentially death. The safety of the participants for our highly trained and experienced professional instructors is our number one priority. Canyoning trips can potentially be physically and mentally demanding on participants and require a certain level of comfort with heights, being in the water and walking over uneven and slippery surfaces. Participants must follow all instructions and guidelines given by their instructors and understand this is crucial to their own safety and the safety of those within their group.

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