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  • What is Canyoning?
    Canyoning is the definitely the best (by our point of view) outdoor activity. Why you might ask? On our canyoning trips you'll experience a combination of fun and challenging adventures, all in one day :) What the day involves: - Hiking/walking - We leave the main track that follows around Lake Rotoiti and head into one of the most beautifully lush and green, native bush and beech tree forests in Aoteaora. - Swimming - Canyoning involves swimming short distances and the canyons at Nelson Lakes National Park boasts some of the most refreshing and clearest waters that are pure enough to drink straight from the river. This will be sure to keep your skin young forever! - Abseiling/Rappeling - When jumping or sliding down waterfalls is not possible, one of the ultimate options is to abesil with a rope. We teach you all the skills to do this on your own. By the end of the trip you'll feel like a Professional Adventurer, feeling just as proud of yourself as we are of you! :) - Jumping - When the pools are deep enough and you're feeling brave, you can try flying like a kiwi! ;-) We teach the best techniques, in order for you to jump safely but remember, jumps are always optional! - Sliding - The flow of the river can create some natural slides that we can enjoy. Once again we will teach the best techniques to stay safe and remember, slides are also always optional. - Watertaxi - To acess the canyons at Nelson Lakes National Park we take a beautiful boat ride across the pristine Lake Rotoiti under the impressive gaze of Pourangahau (Mount Robert).
  • Do I need to have previous experience?
    We can offer you different canyoning trips that match different levels of experience! Hidden Falls is our most popular half-day trip and is ideal for those who are new to canyoning or for those who are already familar to the activity. Shift Creek is a more challenging canyoning and suited to those who have previous experience in canyoning or similar outdoor pursuits. Blue Creek is a dry canyon that is great for those who are new to the activity, who have previous experience and keen to try something different or for those who don't wish to get wet!
  • Do I have to be able to swim to go canyoning?
    Yes and no, depending of your level of confidence in the water. It is defintely more enjoyable that you are able to swim. However, if you are confident in the water and not a strong swimmer, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this further with you.
  • Are the jumps optional?
    Simply put . . . Yes! Always!
  • Can I wear my glasses or contact lenses?
    Yes you can! If you wear contact lenses its a good idea to keep your eyes closed under water and to bring along another pair just incase. We recommend if you are wearing glasses to take with you a hard case. We can provide a strap for you to tie them around your head to help them stay in place.
  • What do I need to bring on a canyoning trip?
    Swimwear Shoes (Sneakers) Thermal layer (if needed) Snacks/Lunch Medications Dry clothes for after the trip Your best smile!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    To see our cancellation policy, please look at our Terms and conditions
  • Can I organise private trips?
    Yes, it is possible to organise a private trip. Conditions must: - Be a minimum of 4 people or more. - Pay an extra $50pp on top of original price.
  • What about Risk Management?
    We, Canyoning Aotearoa Ltd, have been audited and approved by AdventureMark, as required by the Safety Audit Standard for Adventure Activities. Our instructors are qualified by NZOIA (the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association) or with overseas equivalent. All of our Canyoning equipment are built for Canyoning. We daily check our gears to ensure the quality and the safety.
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